This blog is for fun loving, active, digital Mummies & daddies in the mountains. It will hopefully give people ideas of family-friendly trips to do, places to visit whilst sharing ideas and reviews.

I am an English mother (Yorkshire born & bred, and YES I speak French with a Yorkshire accent, which fortunately my girls don’t!) of 3 little girls, married to a wonderful French man (yes he will read this – but he is!), living in the exquisite PARADISE that is Annecy.

Having worked most of my life in sports and tourism, primarily in events, marketing and promotion,  I have recently set up a company that combines all of my passions. We create creative, destination specific merchandising for mini globetrotters and forward thinking destinations! 

My likes: My family, the mountains, tasty fresh food, good red wine, Scandinavian deco, retro cars, adventure sports (skiing, cycling, running, kite surfing, swimming…), spending time with my friends & family, cats, eating al fresco, travelling…

My dislikes: Rudeness, Laziness, tête de veau, feeling tired…

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