Ski Joëring & Fondues – Tried & Tested

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  1. Fiona JD says:

    Dear Mummy in the Mountains,

    We are frequent visitors to Annecy, and we agree that it is a lovely town and the whole lake has so much to offer families. Your daughter’s recent ski joeing looked to be lots of fun. My son will be trying out some cani rando during the holidays; it’s wonderful that our alpine children can enjoy the company of animals in nature! They are very lucky. I thought you might be interested in a new website/blog that I have launched called Mont Blanc Family Fun ( – family fun au Pays du Mont Blanc. If you ever head down through the Arve Valley or the Val d’Arly to any of the towns and villages in the Pays du Mont Blanc with your tribe, you might find some new activities? I hope we can exchange some ideas!

    Kind regards,

    Fiona from

    PS. I love your header picture? Did you design it yourself?

    1. Fiona,
      Thank you for your message. Our children are very lucky and so are we ! Delighted to discover Mont Blanc Family Fun. We often head over to Chamonix – I’ll look forward to testing some of your suggestions!
      The header was designed by the rather talented – Glad you like it 🙂
      Have a great day!

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