Huski – Tried & Tested

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  1. Katey Vaughton says:

    I really wanted to go la Haut. Got a quote for Max’s 18th to go with 3 other families but I really think they are pushing most people out of the market (except for corporate groups). The devis was almost double what I was expecting to pay. Shame.

    Still looking for a venue/ refuge with restaurant for the Easter weekend if you have any other suggestions. Currently trying with Lac Montagnes for Vé la Mari a Nore …

    Looks like you guys had a great time ! Thanks for info.

    Katey V


    1. Thanks for your feedback Katey – Wow Max’s 18th!!! Exciting stuff. L is 8 today 😉 I’ll pass your feedback on. We self catered. Là Haut normally caters though and provides authentic, homemade cooking, prepared with the best fresh local products…which they bring up the mountain by chairlift. Their costs reflect this I’m sure. I’ll have a think if I have any other ideas and let you know asap. Mummyinthemountains x

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