Wonderful walks to do in the area with little ones – tried and tested!

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  1. Alpine Mummy says:

    Last summer it was hard to get Alpine Boy (then aged 3 and 1/2) to walk more than about an hour and a half, but the worst thing was finding flat walks to do all the time (not many round here as I’m sure you well know)! He could still fit in the carrier then though, so it was a particularly good workout for me every time there was a hill…

    This year though I’ve been taking him out all summer and he’s a like a brand new kid – we’ve done some huge walks with him and his tenacity and determination take my breath away. Top tips I’ve found are always having an ‘exciting’ goal to head for (a chalet, a cross, a river etc); setting stages and giving him the option to turn around at each stage (he never does, I’m sure he’s not my child…); lots of sweets and biscuits in the bag; letting him carry his own little rucksack with a water bottle in which has a pipe so he can drink when he wants; and avoiding really wet, cold rainy days. As regards timing, I’ve found that times on signposts should be doubled (less a bit) on the way up (a local walk signposted 1h50 which climbs about 650m takes us about 3h30, including breaks); it’s only necessary to add about a third of the time on the way down (depending how tired he is).
    Have you tried the nature reserve at Bout du Lac? A perfect flat walk for the whole family, especially four year olds!
    Love the shoe therapy by the way – definitely the way forward!

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